Transforming Caregiver Stress into Compassion Resilience

What People Say

Daniel Kendall, full time carer
Daniel Kendall, full time carer
I came via recommendation to Kirstie as I was struggling with parenting challenges. Second child, moving house, overworked, lack ofsupport – basically feeling overwhelmed. Talking with Kirstie via skype helped with a couple of things, firstly, her non judgmental manner which made me relax, despite the shame I was feeling about some of my behavior. She also listened and empathised with me, understanding how I felt – and recognizing the overwhelm, which was pretty important in itself. We also discussed strategies that I could use in the moment to stay grounded. But I think what I’m most grateful for, is simply Kirstie’s way of being. At some point while we were talking I felt a weight lift off me, my vision clear, and somewhat more myself – such a relief! Thank you again, Kirstie.
Anne O'Shaughnessy, working single Mum
I recently had the pleasure of receiving coaching from Kirstie, to help me through a very difficult and stressful time.  The benefits and learnings have been, and continue to be, immense.  Kirstie provides a safe and positive environment, where she carefully guides me through embodiment and increased self-awareness techniques, encouraging me to challenge some of my deep-rooted behaviours.  She empowers me, by providing creative resources, tools and insights that enable me to open up and trust fully my own instincts. Through her creative teaching techniques and inspiration, I now feel I can move forward into action with clarity and purpose, whilst being true to my authentic self.  I continue to enjoy working with Kirstie on my journey towards achieving the life and happiness I deserve.”
Reclaim Your Parent Power (Adoptive Parents) workshop participant
The workshop was challenging but invaluable. I finally feel like I know how to make a REAL difference to my family 
Reclaim Your Parent Power (Adoptive Parents) workshop participant
I have already had many opportunities to use the techniques we practiced; I definitely feel more empowered, and they always help.
Right Choice Project, Independent Special School
From one pre-workshop conversation, Kirstie instantly got what we were about. On the Away-Day we achieved so much more than we thought possible, and we had a great time!
Sharing Our Stories Safely workshop, Princess of Wales Carers Trust
Thanks so much for the training, it was BRILLIANT and I’ve already had a lot of informal feedback from participants to say how much they enjoyed it
Loriana Viggiano, client
 Without doubt it has been the most priceless support I could ever have asked for. It is hard to put into words, it is so valuable for me, especially working with someone I don’t have to fear being judged by.
Sally Goodwin, client
Sally Goodwin, client
Kirstie is dynamic, positive, whole hearted and real. She provided me with the tools, insight and encouragement to clear the way, and refine and deliver my message with clarity and purpose. She always offers the space and presence needed for my authentic self to emerge; gives me the resources, enthusiasm and confidence I need to follow my own instincts and move forward; and has revealed what I need to do, so I can take the action I need in work and life and get the results I deserve.
Adrian Shephard, performer
Adrian Shephard, performer
 There are a few people who become key influences on one’s life path…Kirstie is one of those rare persons for me.  With sensitivity, ability, and using her immense experience she nurtures people to realise and fulfill their potential 
Anima Schmitz-Salut, midwife
Anima Schmitz-Salut, midwife
Kirstie, it was a pleasure to be at the receiving end of your  diverse and creative teaching. I felt I was given something tailored to my individual needs.  I now feel centred, open, present and able to move into action with authenticity, clarity and pleasure…a set of very valuable life skills I wouldn’t want to be without, and absolutely essential in my work. Without doubt you have transformed my presence in performance. However, It is my job in the delivery room where your words resonate the strongest. The more experience I get the more I see how different births can be, depending on the space that is being created and held as well as how the woman is led within that space. Here, in the hospital and beyond, I get to see many different kinds of Leadership – some very inspiring and some very scary. I am learning from all (the good the bad the ugly…) and am increasingly left to my own devices in terms of creating a space and leading. That’s when my training with you slots into place (just when I need it most, under pressure) and I go: “ahh thank you Kirstie that’s what you meant back then…!!!” So who would have thought that your Leadership is having effect on women in the middle of Germany while they are giving birth? I count myself very lucky to have been taught by you
Kusi Kumani, client
Words cannot express how grateful I am for all the help you have given me. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for you! 
Cathy Bleach, client
Thank you so much for all your support.  It’s been life-changing.  I’ve learned so much
Michelle Butler, mental health officer
Several of my previous jobs involved delivering presentations  which would fill me with stomach churning terror…I even feigned illness to avoid having to face the audience. I tried attending the usual presentation courses, which did not really help as they failed to get to the heart of the problem. Now I no longer have to avoid these situations,  and I can face other difficult work with more confidence. This is a direct result of the techniques Kirstie taught me…I would recommend her even if you are terrified of performing
Camilla Halford, leadership client
 Working with Kirstie is like working with your best friend – she sees the best part of you and knows how to bring it out, yet she won’t take any of your BS!  She creates a very safe environment, listens, and truly understands performance related issues and how to help you manifest your best possible self – everyday, and through every challenge.  You can trust Kirstie to put you right!
Workshop participant
Absolutely invaluable! The course did what it said it would; which was unexpected because it promised a lot. I found the themes related to the way I live my life as well as being able to translate this to my work
Reclaim Your Parent Power (Adoptive Parents) workshop participant
I really appreciated the calm and hugely accepting atmosphere around the workshop
Student and workshop participant
Whenever I go on a new ‘groundbreaking’ course now, I think, ‘I already learned that with Kirstie’. At the time, I never knew the wealth that you gave me, but I now realise they are such fundamental concepts they apply to absolutely everything in my life
workshop participant
Like no other course…I feel the training will help enormously…it has left me with a definite feeling of living with possibility and acting on opportunities
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