Transforming Caregiver Stress into Compassion Resilience

Who do you think you are? A Leader?

It can be difficult for female solo-entrepeneurs, such as coaches, consultants or therapists who work for themselves, to  claim their right to be identified as a Leader.   I know. I’ve been there.  

But leadership is not simply a status defined by a designated role.

If you are choosing to step  out on your own, follow your own ideas, vision and direction, and are seeking to enrol others into that vision then yes, you are a leader

If you are seeking to make a bigger contribution, leave a lasting legacy, and use your skills to improve the world, then yes, you are a leader

If you have the freedom to take action and make decisions that determine the future success of your business then yes, you are a leader 

If you are committed to making a difference to your clients’ lives, and ignite conversations that lead them towards new possibilities and change, then yes, you are a leader 

If you take responsibility for your circumstances, your actions, your mistakes, and for the growth of the people around you, and invest in them, then yes, you are a leader

And if you have the capacity to act as a role model to your colleagues, your children, your friends and community, then yes, ABSOLUTELY, you are a leader 

As a woman, you have probably cast yourself in many roles, and now its time to cast yourself as a Leader. Because, the bottom line is, it is the quality of your LEADERSHIP PRESENCE that provides the secure, safe and inspirational foundation from which your clients (and others in your life) can explore new pathways and possibilities and risk deep change.

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