Transforming Caregiver Stress into Compassion Resilience

Somatic Workshop for Coaches: London 21st September.

Developing somatic awareness deepens the work practitioners can do with their clients. With improved self-attunement to their stress response, practitioners can monitor themselves and their clients in a moment to moment way. This enhances the relationship in the room, and provides opportunities for the client to practice new ways of being.

Master Somatic Coach Clare Myatt (pictured) is running a one day workshop for coaches designed to deepen access to your somatic self – enhance your presence as a practitioner, improve your ability to connect with and assess your client’s state. Clare is a very experienced therapist, coach and workshop leader who specialises in treating trauma and addiction. From my own experience, I know that Clare has a depth of Somatic knowledge that is unsurpassed by many. She is also insightful, wise, compassionate and able to hold a very safe space for experimentation, so this is a highly recommended workshop. For more details go to


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