Transforming Caregiver Stress into Compassion Resilience

Lessons in Life from Dancing Guy

Dancing is a wonderful metaphor for leadership. And here’s an example I stumbled across today, though it’s been around a while.  The inspired voiceover by Derek Sivers says it all, but I also saw  a really important lesson for performance (and life) that I wanted to add.

Dancing Guy  ignites the sparks in others, from simply being in the moment, doing what he loves, because it feels right. He doesn’t seek anyone’s approval.  He honours them, sure,  when they choose to follow, but he nevertheless remains DETACHED from the outcome and stays COMMITTED to his course of action.

Is it possible for you to remain committed to your passion, and your audacious goal, even during the times you are out there on your own and facing judgement?

What are your underlying motivations for pursuing your passion? Does it bring you satisfaction and joy, or are you attached to the approval that accompanies it?

Are you prepared to take a risk, and get into action?   Its good to know that if you do, wonderful things may follow….

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