Transforming Caregiver Stress into Compassion Resilience

Leadership Embodiment

“To accept another person’s power or intention fully, we need tremendous depth and an incredibly strong centre that can hold and tolerate the energy of another without needing to take control or losing our balance”. ~ Wendy Palmer

Wendy Palmer Leadership Embodiment Founder

Wendy Palmer Leadership Embodiment Founder

Leadership Embodiment helps us cultivate more wisdom, compassion and harmony…not only in oneself, but in our relationships with others.

It is a coaching model founded by Sensei Wendy Palmer, which draws on her 45 years experience of mindfulness and the peaceful martial art of Aikido.

Leadership Embodiment offers simple, accessible tools and practices to explore how we can remain powerful and effective under pressure.

It supports us to become a compassionate and skillful listener, an intentional and powerful advocator and an inspirational leader in the context of our families, work and communities.

Individual, partner and group exercises allow us to practice how to be centred and take skilful action, when confronting a variety of challenges (like speaking up through opposition, and receiving criticism)

We use our bodies as a learning lab – we experiment with mild stress simulators (physical and verbal), so we can study our body’s go-to stress pattern, because when we bring our conditioned reponses to conscious awareness in a low stakes environment, we become familiar with our strengths, and also learn to hold our limitations with curiosity and kindness.

The body won’t give up its protective strategies unless it has a safe, reliable alternative to go to. So we also practice re-organising our whole psychobiology away from stress, contraction and disconnection, towards dignity, confidence and presence, whilst the pressure is still on.

In this way, we learn how to stay connected to ourself and attend to our own concerns, whilst simultaneously connecting to the concerns of others, with grace and compassion.  This is the unique gift Leadership Embodiment work offers.

Kirstie is a certified Coach of Leadership Embodiment, one of only a handful of people in the UK offering this work. She credits it with helping her develop the embodied confidence, compassion, and acceptance she needed, to avoid becoming overwhelmed in the face of her adopted son’s persistent cycles of rage and chaos, and to become the healing presence her family needed.

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Wendy has authored several books on conscious/leadership embodiment which are highly recommended Leadership Embodiment: How the Way We Sit and Stand Can Change the Way We Think and SpeakThe Intuitive Body: Discovering the Wisdom of Conscious Embodiment and Aikido , and The Practice of Freedom: Aikido Principles as a Spiritual Guide.

Tiphani Palmer introduces Leadership Embodiment and guides people through a simple practice

Dr Dion George,  Member of Parliament in South Africa describes how Leadership Embodiment has supported him to be more peaceful and successful in a stressful and hostile environment.

Leadership Embodiment Introduction

Leadership Embodiment in South Africa – how does it inspire love and forgiveness in our everyday lives?


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