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Somatic Workshop for Coaches: London 21st September.

Developing somatic awareness deepens the work practitioners can do with their clients. With improved self-attunement to their stress response, practitioners can monitor themselves and their clients in a moment to moment way. This enhances the relationship in the room, and provides opportunities for the client to practice new ways of being. Master Somatic Coach Clare Myatt (pictured) is running a one day workshop for coaches designed to deepen access to your somatic self – enhance your presence as a practitioner, improve your ability to connect with and assess your client’s state. Clare is a very experienced therapist, coach and workshop leader who specialises in treating trauma and addiction. From my own experience, I know that Clare has a depth of Somatic knowledge that is unsurpassed by many. She is also insightful, wise, compassionate and able to hold a very safe space for experimentation, so this is a highly recommended workshop. For more details go to

Embodied Leadership Course

If you are interested in Wendy Palmer’s Embodied Leadership work there is a level 1 course happening in London next week Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July. Led by Matthew Dodwell, an experienced somatics teacher with a black belt in aikido, this will be a fun and useful workshop. Wendy will be hosting a level 2 course in London in August. Here is the information from the website. To book go to or for more details, please email Matthew, or phone on 07732 859637   Leadership Embodiment Level 1 Experience yourself in a whole new way! Leadership embodiment gives us a level of insight into ourselves and our patterns that is revolutionary. You can’t change your mind with your mind alone. If you could of, you would have. Come and experience yourself at different level, engaging your somatic, or body based, intelligence. The level 1 course is the introductory level course. WeYou will work with a series of exercises that will put us just a little off balance, so that you can have a strong experience of coming back to ‘centre’ and back to a sense of being able to handle yourself. We will use ‘4 part centring’ as the primary method for coming back to full consciousness when our awareness is caught up something else. Using from a partner (it can be very soft and still take us off balance) to activate our patterns and then practice returning to a calm, relaxed state. When you have a strong physical sense of what it feels like to be balanced and centred under pressure in a workshop situation, then your body will remember and be able to duplicate this when you’re back out in the everyday world. You’ll experience how this can help with:   Meditation – learn how to be more relaxed and aware during prayer / meditation time (certainly has helped me stay awake and aware for at least an hour during our quaker meetings, even with unhelpful chairs!) Stressful situations – such as work and home stress, people giving feedback, being annoying etc! Giving presentations – how to stay calm, focussed and present Being a parent – our children (and pets) usually respond to what our body language is communicating, rather than our words and often we’re not aware they’re different! – Find out how to give a unified message that helps those around us to feel more relaxed and secure. Taking things ‘off the mat’ – if you do any other form of bodywork such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, chi gong etc. then...

Paul Linden Returns

After a successful workshop a few months ago, Being In Movement founder and body-mind master  Paul Linden is returning to the UK with a new Embodiment For Trainers and Coaches workshop on 31st August in Brighton.  From September 1st Paul will also be available for 1:1 coachings. For more information visit I had lots of fun and learning on the last one, so it comes highly recommended.      ...

Embodied Leadership: Free Taster at Roffey Park

Want to know more about Strozzi Institute’s unique embodied leadership programme and if it’s right for you? Roffey Park in West Sussex is the only place in the UK where you can experience Strozzi Institute’s renowned courses. They are offering their Leadership In Action Course on 21st to 24th May 2012.  But if you want to know what you are letting yourself in for first (something quite transformational I can assure you), then you can take advantage of their  Free Taster Day that is happening on 6th March. For more information, go to Or...

New Workshop Launched, grab it at reduced price!

Lucky me, I’m in for a double workshop treat this month, and as a result I’m sure to be getting out of my head and back in my body! The Integral Life Practice Foundation (ILP) Workshop invites you on a journey to explore and develop your full potential, enabling you to live a more open, balanced, free and fulfilled life. Hot on the heels of my workshop with Master bodymind teacher Paul Linden, is this 2 1/2 day workshop hosted by Strozzi Institute Coaches/Teachers Sylvia Baumgartner and Lisa Mcarthey, of Labyrinth Coaching & Consulting.    People say of my workshops that “It promised a lot, and delivered even more,” and I know people will say the same about this.  Sylvia was personally responsible for igniting some profound insights I experienced during my Embodied Leadership Course, so I can highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to explore how somatics and embodied learning can empower your life. You can even take the first pilot workshop at a highly discounted rate.  Here’s the information, hope to see you there. If you can’t make these dates, get in touch with Labyrinth (details below), as they will be happening in venues around the country. Are you reaching your full potential? Do you feel held back in some way? Are you leading your life or is life leading you? Is your personal/professional life what you would like it to be? Can you cope in all the situations you find yourself in?  Do you find it difficult to make decisions, hold boundaries, say no? Are you clear on the purpose and meaning of your life?  Do you desire more fulfilling and connected relationships?  What do you yearn for? Going beyond self-awareness, this programme uses various approaches, including Somatics (working through the living body in its wholeness), Transpersonal Psychology, and experiential methods, to enable self-cultivation and personal transformation, empowering you to live the life, purpose and service you desire. What makes this programme unique is that it is underpinned by the theory and practices of embodied learning (working through the body), which provides the key to self-discovery, transformation and empowerment to take new appropriate actions How Could ILP Benefit You? As the world changes, the demands on our lives both personally and professionally change. The ability to access and utilize our full self to navigate through these times is becoming a necessity. Attending this workshop will enable you to: Determine the life and future you want to lead Develop appropriate and personalised practices to finding and living your...

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