Transforming Caregiver Stress into Compassion Resilience

Introduction to the SomaSmart Resource Model

“Strengthen your capacity to take compassionate, courageous and skillful action, without so much cost to your own emotional and physical wellbeing”

When caregivers, parents and therapists are exposed to the ongoing distress of those they serve, the risk for secondary trauma and compassion fatigue is high.

How can we remain resilient, empathic and healthy while carrying out our essential and challenging role?

From Caregiver Fatigue to Compassion Resiliency

From Caregiver Fatigue to Compassion Resiliency

The SomaSmart Resource Model is designed to connect you to a deep inner resilience, power and presence, that can be brought to bear in difficult situations.

It teaches nourishing practices that restore your strength, hope and purpose, and act as antidotes to the trauma orientation of contraction, hypervigilence, powerlessness and shame.

It teaches you about your personal stress response, how to expand your distress tolerance, and how to decompress at a nervous system level, so you can minimise your toxic stress load.

It shows you how to shift from reactive to resourceful states when in relationship; rather than defaulting to old patterns under stress, you respond to the struggles of caregiving with greater intention, choice and self-efficacy.

As you are already all too aware, it simply isn’t possible to witness, and be present with so much distress, without being impacted by it.

But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer alongside it, too.

It does, however, mean that we need to go beyond our usual definitions of, and understanding about, self-care. For prevention and recovery to be effective and sustainable over the long term,  self-care practices for compassion resiliency must be intentional, relational, embodied and somatic.  Read more about these four essential ingredients here.

The SomaSmart program draws on a  uniquely powerful combination of approaches , including somatics, mindfulness, attachment and relational trauma therapies, and the leadership embodiment coaching model.  It is grounded in the science of interpersonal neurobiology, and the psychobiology of stress and trauma.

The Model ’s developer is Kirstie Seaborne, a leading attachment and trauma-trained Somatics Practitioner, a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional and Compassion Resiliency Educator, a qualified teacher, and Leadership Embodiment Coach. It grew out of her personal experience of the impact of traumatic stress on her family as a foster carer/adopter, and through her work as a mental health mentor. Read more about Kirstie here.

She will be teaching live throughout the UK from January 2017.  Shorter, introductory seminars are offered, and the foundational concepts and practices are shared in one and two full day workshops (which are highly practical and experiential).  There will be more information on upcoming events soon.

On-line training resources are currently in development.


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