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Embodied Leadership Course

If you are interested in Wendy Palmer’s Embodied Leadership work there is a level 1 course happening in London next week Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July. Led by Matthew Dodwell, an experienced somatics teacher with a black belt in aikido, this will be a fun and useful workshop. Wendy will be hosting a level 2 course in London in August.

Here is the information from the website. To book go to or for more details, please email Matthew, or phone on 07732 859637


Leadership Embodiment Level 1

Experience yourself in a whole new way! Leadership embodiment gives us a level of insight into ourselves and our patterns that is revolutionary.

You can’t change your mind with your mind alone. If you could of, you would have. Come and experience yourself at different level, engaging your somatic, or body based, intelligence.

The level 1 course is the introductory level course. WeYou will work with a series of exercises that will put us just a little off balance, so that you can have a strong experience of coming back to ‘centre’ and back to a sense of being able to handle yourself.

We will use ‘4 part centring’ as the primary method for coming back to full consciousness when our awareness is caught up something else. Using from a partner (it can be very soft and still take us off balance) to activate our patterns and then practice returning to a calm, relaxed state.

When you have a strong physical sense of what it feels like to be balanced and centred under pressure in a workshop situation, then your body will remember and be able to duplicate this when you’re back out in the everyday world.

You’ll experience how this can help with:


  • Meditation – learn how to be more relaxed and aware during prayer / meditation time (certainly has helped me stay awake and aware for at least an hour during our quaker meetings, even with unhelpful chairs!)
  • Stressful situations – such as work and home stress, people giving feedback, being annoying etc!
  • Giving presentations – how to stay calm, focussed and present
  • Being a parent – our children (and pets) usually respond to what our body language is communicating, rather than our words and often we’re not aware they’re different! – Find out how to give a unified message that helps those around us to feel more relaxed and secure.
  • Taking things ‘off the mat’ – if you do any other form of bodywork such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, chi gong etc. then conscious embodiment will give you new ways of living this in everyday life  – how to be the self you come to know in training when you’re out in the world.
  • Personality and Centre – how our personality shows up in our body language, and how to become less compulsed. Discover your individual way of holding yourself under stress, and then how to relax.

To do this we use the following exercises:

  • Experience your centre – get familar with our habitual patterns and develop a sense of self to return to.
  • Leader – follower – How these patterns show up in relationships.
  • Advocate – listener – How do we take intentions out into the world. How can we listen spaciously to others
  • Entering and Including– An exercise to look at timing. If we concentrate on space we can control how fast things seem to ‘come at us’
  • Incoming Events- An exercise about keeping our cool when a stream of things wants our attention, all right now! – Manage your inbox with a sense of calm!


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